Sunday, September 06, 2009

Suzhou Train Station

This is my second time to Suzhou but the first time to notice its station. It did not look modern in terms of design but it was a very impressive station in terms of its size.

(This is the other end of the platform where I could only see the head of the train which was 13 or more wagons long.)

(Standing in the middle of the train station, I took this part of the station where I couldn’t even see the end of the platform.)

The entrance was located in the middle of the building and our train stopped at the east end of the platform. It took us about 10 minutes of walk to reach the exit/entrance. I later learnt that (from Wikipedia) appromixately 130 trains passed by Suzhou on a daily basis. If the train station was to run 24 hours a day non-stop with a single platform, there will be about 5.4 trains stopping by every hour, which is, about one train every11minute.

This explains the size.